My very first thought this morning

Today has been a pretty good day so far.

Last night I started to feel pretty down on myself because I felt “heavy”. I had been trying to really do Tracy Anderson for a couple of days and just felt even worse than when I hadn’t been doing her workouts. I think I can contribute it to the water weight of my body using those small muscles and also the crazy calf muscles from her dance routine but I was still feeling pretty down.

I kept thinking “What am I doing wrong? Why do I feel heavy? I’m doing everything right.” And I went to bed feeling like a failure. I expected to get up in the morning and try to figure out my next steps by working out like crazy and skimping on food but.. one thing changed.

I woke up this morning with the thought – What am I thankful for?

This is such a great thought to start the morning out with – It will truly change your day.  I reevaluated my day and began to think about how many things God had blessed me with.

So the day started off on a pretty awesome note! It is so encouraging to really start your day with a positive attitude. (It takes practice so give it a try, it will get easier and easier)

I think because of that thought this morning my day followed suit – I faced the day with an attitude of gratitude. I forgot about the silly thoughts of feeling heavy and found that I felt lighter in the morning. Just that one simple act this morning, changed the course of my day.

I was able to wake up and make breakfast for my husband, kiss my husband good bye, workout, meditate, tidy up the house,  and drive to work read/ pray. All before 7:30 am . 🙂

The rest of the day was just work work work but during that time I really payed attention to being mindful and really trying to enjoy the moments. That is something that I am working on also.

Ok this is just crazy – this post is all over the board, a basically what is Catlin working on post .hahaha

But to conclude this crazy, kind of everywhere post I just want to sumarize  with this – how you start your day effects the rest of the day.Don’t beat yourself up about thoughts you had the night before and anything in the past.

So my challenge to you is to get up and say “Today is going to be a good day!” The rest of your day my just follow suit 🙂


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